New versions of Maxent Model Surveyor and MatrixGradients

I’ve just uploaded new versions of Maxent Model Surveyor and MatrixGradients to my website.

Two minor changes have been introduced in version 1.07 of Maxent Model Surveyor. First, users can now specify the amount of memory that Maxent can use with the -jm flag. Second, I’ve updated the parser of the Maxent options file, in which Maxent flags can be specified. The parser now prints out a warning if the user tries to change options for which MMS doesn’t allow user control. In addition, it will terminate the program if the user attempts to manually toggle a predictor or a species. More information is provided on the website about what to do if you want to exclude predictors a priori and how to specify flags in the Maxent options file (I’ve included an example file). Thanks to Mark Andersen for bringing these issues to my attention.

MatrixGradients is a perl script that draws colored matrices in which the colors correspond to the values in the matrix. It is now in version 1.02, which includes the option to transform values in the matrix to be plotted. This is useful if many values in the matrix are close to the maximum or minimum value and you want to exaggerate the color differences in that part of the values range. This is illustrated below for a matrix in which many values are close to zero, but with a few values that are considerably higher (up to 22.4). If plotted without transformation (left panel), the entire matrix is green, with just one red value, i.e. not very informative. If a log10 transformation is applied to the same matrix, a much clearer picture of what happens in the near-zero values emerges (right panel) simply because the color gradient is compressed near zero. The new version can also print the values in the matrix as shown in the figure.

MatrixGradients transformation


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