New versions of OccurrenceThinner and RasterTools released

I’ve just uploaded new versions of OccurrenceThinner and RasterTools on my web site.

OccurrenceThinner is a tool that performs distance-based thinning of species occurrence data to reduce geographic sampling bias in niche modeling. It takes a set of species occurrence records and a kernel density grid file as input. It then filters out occurrence records using a probability-based procedure. More information is available on the software website. The new version 1.04 fixes a problem reading the header of certain ASCII files. Thanks to Diego Nieto-Lugilde for pointing out the problem. The option to round coordinates to a user-specified number of decimals is no longer included for reasons described below.

Within RasterTools, two minor updates were done.

The script moveCoordinatesToClosestDataPixel.jar was updated to version 1.03. The main update here is that this version includes the possibility to specify a distance threshold for moving coordinates. Many thanks to Niels Raes, who suggested this on the Maxent forum. In addition, it fixes the same issue mentioned above and it does not permit rounding the coordinates to a specified number of decimals anymore. In some cases, the rounding caused coordinates to move into no-data pixels, which is exactly the opposite of what this script is supposed to do. Thanks to Vanessa Marcelino for pointing out this problem.

The script extractDataForCoordinates.jar was updated to version 1.03, fixing the same issue with ASCII headers.


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